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idk if you remember me, but this is Jacole from 2d design - I was looking through the pcc tags and recognized you, then realized I took a pic of you as Ness at pcc13 before I even started going to mcc haha. Anyway your Ness is gr8 and I thought it was a pretty weird coincidence


Thanks! Yeah I was Ness last year too, I’m that cosplayer who reuses easy costumes. Heheh

(As you can tell I don’t get on this blog too terribly much, but hey I’m glad you found me!)

so I went to phoenix comicon as ness and

ness’ hp are maxed out



i always see these getting reblogged without the source so here it is in case you were wondering (comes with super relaxing sfx, turn up your speakers)

Re-blogged due to the Source link. HOLY SHIT I love them all with sound!! Everyone needs to check ‘em out.

ok though but what arcane ritual do I have to perform to get my hands on a halfway decent hippopotas/hippowdon with the sand stream ability

So, I recently discovered that I fucking HATE Cerebella



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I want to take this reaction, frame it and hang it on my wall

No but really? I love this



Watching people react to the MOTHER 3 ending is the best thing ever

my favorite pastime 

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Wasn't Quetzalcoatl basically a godly feather boa?



sit your butt down quetzalcoatl was one of my favorite mythological deities when i was younger lets talk about this thing

its a mesoamerican god whose name translates to feathered serpent in several mayan languagues (most notably nahuatl) who originated from between 400-600 ce as a main figure in a religion known as cholula, although it didnt gain its name until a while later

in aztec culture it was credited with the creation of mankind, and as it had the power of flight, was a symbol for wind and represented the boundry between earth and sky. it was also the patron god of the priesthood, bringing knowledge to the devout (it symbolized other things as well, but the mythology changed as it was passed through different cultures)

it also had different forms, notably ehacatl, who was the aspect of quetzalcoatl that represented the wind


but of course, its more recognized appearance is




theres actually a lot of feathered serpents that appear throughout mesoamerican history, although not all of them are confirmed to be quetzalcoatl. its interesting to note that the first representations of the god are completely serpentine, and its only as the myth progresses that it gains human features and the ability to take an anthropomorphic form

quetzalcoatl is ALSO the name of a fake looking red and green bird with insanely long tail feathers


and quezalcoatlus is the name of a pterosaur with a ridiculous body and weird ass head


boop doop and now you know


Alright this is great but I’m going to add some stuff because it’s neat and you need to know it because this shit is interesting but also confusing as fuck I swear:

Náhuatl is not a Maya language, it was actually spoken by the people known as the Aztecs (Also known as the “Mexica”).

The Maya are more ancient and had their own separate language, they came to speak hundreds of dialects, the root is commonly just called “maya”, tho. 

The name of that bird is actually just “Quetzal”, from the náhuatl quetzalli, which can be translated to “covered in feathers” or “tail covered in feathers” (“cōātl” means “serpent”, hence quetzalcōātl’s name).

As you said there are several feathered serpents, Quetzalcoatl is an Aztec deity:


Kukulkán, for example, is a far more ancient deity, it’s also related to the wind, thunder and rain. “Kukulkán” is a maya deity (k’ukulk’an: k’u’uk’um"feather" and kaan "serpent"), it’s also present in olmec and toltec culture, and it might have been where Quetzalcoatl came from, it’s often depicted as a serpent with its mouth open with a person emerging from inside. Wtf but awesome.

Either way the feathered serpent seemed to be hugely important all through mesoamerican history and became very widespread, each deity has different attributes depending on where they are (water and rain vs the sun and so on), quetzalcoatl did become hugely important all over.

Bonus thing: This is one confusing but amazing thing about mesoamerican deities, if they represent water, for example, they are not just “god of rain” or something like that, they are “the very rain that touches the earth and is absorbed, and also underground water in caves and moisture”, they have incredibly specific attributes and there is not just a single deity per thing ever.

and finally the Quetzalcoatlus is amazing and one of my favorites ever, just look at this huge dork:


I want to ride it forever.

Skullgirls: Quiz Edition.


If Peacock wants to attract a peacock for mating, what would Peacock have to do to attract the peacock’s attention? 
1. She would put a colorful show with the eyes on her arms.
2. She would tap dance.
3. She would blow it up.
4. Nothing.

Suppose Valentine doesn’t celebrate the holidays that represent her old members of The Last Hope. Which one of these activites that represent a common activity in a famous holiday is the only one she can celebrate?
1. Opening gifts with Painwheel.
2. Drinking beer with Parasoul.
3. Turning on candelandrums with Squigly.
4. Going trick-or-treating with Peacock.

Congratulations! You have been invited to see a play of classical music and opera starring Squigly! During the event you, however, notice something strange in the play, and it seems they involved other thing that was not music, what was it?
1. Her Tremolo switched the tremble.
2. Her Silver Chord with Leviathan was synchronized.
3. Her Arpeggio was sung out in sequence. 
4. Her Pointe technique had her standing way too rigid.

Let’s say you are in a café where they play live music, and the invited for the evening is Big Band. Considering that the place normally enjoys Acid Jazz, how many Beats per minute (BPM) the percusion on his songs would normally have?
1. Between 20 and 60.
2. Between 60 and 100.
3. Between 80 and 120.
4. Between 120 and 160.

What would the children from Lab 8 say after they all get hugs from Ileum?
1. “Her peristalsis keeps us relaxed”.
2. “She contracts and expands way too often”.
3. “We feel more oxygenated”.
4. “She makes our hearts pump”.

What is the app. magnitude of force, in Newton, that the Medicis had to apply in order to cut Ms. Fortune limbs off?
1. 10^4 Newton
2. 10^5 Newton
3. 10^6 Newton
4. 10^7 Newton

Let’s say Filia is changed to another school. According of what she normally wears, where will they change her to?
1. The Banks High School in Oregon.
2. The Blaine High School in Blaine.
3. The St. Thomas High School in Houston.
4. The Arcadia High School in Virginia.

Which of these skills you will not see in a circus?
1. Cerebella playing around with a Diabolo.
2. Feng jumping in a trampoline.
3. Regina taming lions.
4. Taliesin performing music.

Complete this analogy=
______ : Holmes - ______ : Watson
1. Ben and Patricia.
2. Parasoul and Umbrella.
3. Squigly and Filia.
4. Cerebella and Feng.

Which one DOESN’T appear in the Bible? 
1. Leviathan.
2. Samson.
3. Ab-baddon.
4. Sagan.

Sure why not, let’s bite.

1. She would blow it up. Duh. This is Peacock we’re talking about.

2. Lighting candles with Squigly. (Unless there’s some unseen Hanukkah ninja.) 

3. Her Pointe technique. That ain’t music.

4. Between 80 and 120 BPM. Give or take a couple BPM on the outer edges of the spectrum.

5. Her peristalsis keeps us relaxed. Questionable reaction, but at least it has to do with the digestive tract…?

6. 10^7 Newtons. Completely arbitrary guess, but hey—if nothing else, the highest amount of force on the list can’t exactly be too little, can it?

7. I’m just going to say Blaine in Blaine because it sounds funny. Hurr.

8. Taliesin performing music, though it’s not as though circuses and musical performances are mutually exclusive.

9. Ben : Holmes :: Patricia : Watson. I see what you did there. Clever.

10. Sagan. No witty commentary here.


it didn’t turn out too good, but i couldn’t help it,you have no idea how much i want to see this palette in the game


I’m gonna need people who make art of Peacock to stop drawing her with human legs as they’re in the same situation as her arms.

Also she’s 13 stop trying to make her hot jfc.