The Holiday Names of Last Hope

From SRK’s Skullgirls story discussion thread:

Someone on the Facebook page pointed out that Valentine’s Spanish story mode has different dialogue to the English version, specifically after she gets the Skullheart:


As far as I’m aware, Last Hope’s names had not been revealed before?
The text reads "Rest in peace, my friends. Christmas, Patty, Easter and Hallow."
The next pages goes on to say something like “Without your sacrifice I could never have defeated her” (referencing Marie I assume)

Christmas, Easter and Hallow(een) are all self explanatory, but is Patty supposed to be St. Patrick’s Day?

I’m assuming it is for the moment.


I’m guessing the four are from he top going clockwise: Patty, Hallow, Christmas and Easter.
Patty is green, Hallow is scary, Easter sort of has bunny ears and Christmas… is well, she’s the last one left. Red and white is sort of Christmasy?

This makes me wonder what other nuggets are hidden in the other translations.

Courtesy of Cellsai. Emphasis mine.

There’s no actual indication in the story as to which Last Hope member corresponds to which name, but the guess indicated above seems like a pretty reasonable assumption to me. What do you think?


The green one is Easter, the masked one is Hallow, glasses girl is Christmas, and Patty is the horned one.

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    I’ve made a Hallow blog, but it’s not going to be active until I can find some more art and decide some headcanons.
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    Except it doesn’t say “Rest in peace, my friends.” It says “Rest in peace, BEST friends (or greater friends, or more...
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